PS I Love You

How To Play P.S. I Love You

How to Play PS I Love Your

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Paul McCartney wrote this song in Hamburg, Germany while The Beatles were the house band at The Star Club, where they spent much of 1962 improving their skills with constant live performances. An early favorite, the band performed the song at their Parlophone Records audition on June 6, 1962.

This is a great example of how the group forged a very personal relationship with their fans through songs that spoke directly to the listener. The words “I,” “You,” “Me” and “Love” show up in many of their early hits, creating a strong connection between band and listener.

This was used as the B-side of “Love Me Do,” the first Beatles release in England. It was going to be their first single, but Peggy Lee had a song out with the same title so the record company decided to release “Love Me Do” instead.

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