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The Night Before


“It’s Only Love” is a love song written by John Lennon of The Beatles in 1965 and is included in their album “HELP!”

In this post/video, we will learn how to play the acoustic guitar part of It’s Only Love, the chords and will show you how to do the strumming patter and the solo notes.

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how to play songs from please please me

How To Play “Love Me Do” – Guitar Lesson

This guitar lesson on how to play “Love Me Do” from The Beatles’ Please Please Me album is brought to us by Les Titford. Check out his youtube channel/user – greenplectrumfilms.

Les is a Beatles fan way back in 1965 when he was just 10 years old! The albums Rubber Soul through to Sgt. Peppers is his most favorite albums.

According to Les, these albums contained the cleverest songs and lyrics as well as some of the most innovative recording techniques used up to that point (excluding Yellow Submarine)

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How To Play “Michelle” on Guitar

One of Rubber Soul’s most memorable songs, Michelle was written by Paul McCartney with a little help from the wife of an old school friend.

The song was one of McCartney’s oldest, having been started in around 1959. He composed the tune on his first ever guitar, a Zenith, which he still owns.

How To Play “Michelle”

Michelle was one of McCartney’s first attempts by McCartney to play with a finger picked guitar style, signalling a desire to experiment beyond the boundaries of rock ‘n’ roll.

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